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Tim Tebow in the NFL


Every NFL betting man wonders, Can Tebow do it in the NFL? It didn't take long for the football world to see where he landed, Tim Tebow's first round draft selection by the Denver Broncos leaves many professionals scratching their heads and many fans saying, "I told you so."  The professionals tend to forget that behind the ridiculous amount of press there exists a legacy to back up Tebow's hype, you do not become the first underclassman to win the Heisman Trophy on smoke and mirror, Tebow has massive talent.

In the pros, Tebow is going to have to adjust his game.  His unpredictable nature (will he throw or do it all himself?) made him a force to be reckoned with.  In his new house that is a dangerous choice with defenders who triple your size.  This man has accuracy, a hell of an arm (9286 passing yards), is an amazing decision maker, and has the ability to run if necessary. 

If he can gel the team, get them to trust him, there is no reason he can't be successful.  The Broncos defense stepped it up last year, if they rally behind this quarterback, his crazy antics just might work.  Everyone laughed at Miami for the wildcat, but sometimes when you bring a little bit of college to the pros it can have a great effect. With that said the Broncos are going to be a fascinating team to bet on in 2010, and if you are an NFL bettor there is no better place to make those bets than www.sportsbook.com where everybody bets.

All that being said, what was Coach McDaniels thinking?  Practically no one believes Tebow is ready to start in the big time, so why waste your high draft pick on Tebow?  The answer must be leadership.  Since the firing of Shanahan, the unceremonious, pouty departure of Jay Cutler, and the spectacular unraveling of a 6-0 start last season, McDaniels needs a leader.  That is something you cannot measure with statistics or size.

No matter what you personally think of Tebow, I hate him for being a Gator, you have to respect what he can do to unite a team.  The Broncos have been left leaderless for years.  Shanahan was given too much power running the offense and the defense; he lost points with the players.  Cutler was their touchstone and he abandoned them.  All they had was Marshall and he was toast by the end of the season, not to mention gone now too.  They need someone to bring them together.  McDaniels lost their trust once the losing began and he knows he can only lead the team if they are all on his side.  Tebow brings loyalty wherever he goes.

While the rest of the commentaries will cover statistics and all the reasons Tim Tebow should have been a third round pick at best, I say this is an inspired move to remind people that winning comes from being a team.  Now, the question remains, will seasoned pro players be willing to take their cues from a young punk?  They have been hurting for so long, ripped apart by loosing their motivation, I think they are ready for Tebow's brand of camaraderie. Those players are ready to bet on Tim Tebow leading them to the playoffs.

You can watch it across the sports board, teams that fall apart because all of their eggs lie with one player.  Look at the Lakers right now, heck, look at the 49ers for YEARS.  The amazing thing about Tim Tebow is that no matter how much he becomes the star or leader, he is ultimately a team player with trust in everyone around him.  When you build a team like that, you are slated to be the underdog with enough heart to come through.

What does all this mean to the Denver Broncos next season? I think it means they are going to cover a lot of spreads. The Broncos will be underdogs often according to the experts, but Tebow is a master at finding a way to win, stats or no stats. Will Tebow lead the league in passing? No. But he will win games, and he will make a lot of savvy NFL Bettors very happy next year.

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